Equitable Education

We acknowledge the correlation between the scholastic and interpersonal achievements of children and the economic well-being of their community. Education is considered the most effective means of achieving equality and is a fundamental principle in our societies' pursuit of the American ideal. HADEF collaborates with partners to develop a secure, favourable, and involved educational environment that promotes equal opportunities for all students. This includes fostering parent-child relationships in early childhood and working with preschoolers and school-aged children. HADEF customizes educational programmes to precisely address the need of marginalized groups from the Horn of Africa residing in Minnesota, guaranteeing a comprehensive and adaptable approach. HADEF offers vocational training programmes that enable individuals to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to secure meaningful employment and attain financial self-sufficiency. HADEF organizes cultural integration workshops in order to cultivate togetherness among Minnesota's diverse population, fostering understanding and cohesiveness among community members.

Community Health

Improving the health of our communities is a fundamental commitment rooted deeply in our efforts to build a vibrant community. We continually strive to empower our children, youth and families to attain their full health potential. From focusing on prevention, navigation and coordination to advocating for culturally responsive holistic care and mental health education. HADEF will provide culturally relevant community health work (CHW), community organizing, leadership development and expand the capacities for our disproportionately affected groups (individuals with low income, lower education and poor mental health) to build health resilience. HADEF provides a wide range of health services to marginalized Horn of Africa populations in Minnesota. HADEF runs culturally sensitive health courses, addressing the healthcare needs of marginalized groups by studying and respecting cultural differences. HADEF helps community members navigate the complex healthcare system and advocates for their health needs by providing essential healthcare resources.

Economic Development

The goal of our economic development is to improve the economic self-sufficiency of the African refugee and immigrant communities with high unemployment and poverty rates through stable housing, sustainable employment and small enterprise development. From financial literacy training to employment basics and job interviewing strategies, our economic development programs provide refugees and migrants with the tools needed to become financially independent. We work with key community stakeholder groups to foster welcoming environments for refugees in the workplace while offering technical assistance for minority-owned small businesses. HADEF provides specialized entrepreneurship training, empowering individuals to start and manage their own enterprises. HADEF supports marginalized entrepreneurs and small business owners through microfinance initiatives, providing financial assistance to boost their economic endeavors. HADEF helps community members find meaningful work, contributing to overall economic stability within the marginalized communities. Recognizing the importance of financial literacy, HADEF offers programs to help individuals manage their funds and make informed economic decisions. HADEF connects marginalized groups with mentors, partners, and business prospects through networking and business events, fostering economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Social Programs

HADEF organizes community integration activities to build relationships, promote cultural variety, and foster a deep sense of belonging. Creating social support networks allows people to interact, exchange experiences, and provide each other assistance in overcoming obstacles. HADEF provides counselling and mental health services to community members in need. Social programs incorporate recreational and leisure activities to engage the community and reduce stress, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Youth and family enrichment programs provide resources and activities to build family bonds and help community youth develop positively. HADEF's social programs contribute to improving the holistic health and social cohesiveness of marginalized Minnesota communities.

HADEF advocates for and acts to increase equity and social justice through its priority area programs. HADEF creates more equitable opportunities through its complimentary programs.

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