Empowering People

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Be motivated by a desire to make a positive impact through helping those who are less fortunate within Minnesota.

Each one of us can make small changes in many lives

We aim to promote sustainable development among Horn of Africa communities within Minnesota.

We use resources to address community challenges

We seek resources from well wishers to make a positive impact among Horn of Africa communities who reside within Minnesota.

Supporting Marginalized Groups

Marginalized groups from the Horn of Africa such as women, children, refugees, internally displaced persons, and minority communities within Minnesota, often face discrimination, exclusion, and lack of access to basic services, including education, healthcare, social programs, international programs and employment. By supporting these groups, we can promote social justice and ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed.


We work to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities within Minnesota through lobbying the government and international organizations to take action.

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Development focus

Touch the lives of those in need by supporting HADEF
(Horn of Africa Development & Education Foundation)
in the following key developmental areas:

Priority Areas

Equitable Education

Community Health

Economic Development

Social Programs

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Workforce Development and Youth Empowerment

Youth Development

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development


Parental Engagement Initiatives

Advocacy and Community Empowerment

Housing Support and Advocacy

International Programs

What makes us


Community Driven

Our Services are designed with the community's perspective in mind. We shall adapt our distribution methods and promptly address the evolving demands and challenges of our community.

Social Sustainability

We aim to guarantee that our processes and structures, as well as those of our partnerships, actively enhance the ability of communities to advocate for themselves.

Unbreakable Resilience

We utilise our personal and combined abilities to manage, adjust to, and grow from the requirements, difficulties, and transformations experienced in our previous and present lives.

Let's Work Together

Participate in our campaign advocating for fairness and justice

The core of our goal is to drive long-lasting and comprehensive change that promotes fairness and equal opportunity. We actively showcase this dedication through our focus on community health, equitable education, and economic development. We consistently strive to enhance our workforce and organisational capability to tackle social disparities. This entails guaranteeing that our internal operations are firmly grounded in the ideas of social justice and that our organisational culture fosters an environment where staff and volunteers may demonstrate innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, and accountability.